"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

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 Camp Outdoors INN: The Total Camping Experience  


Outside on the grounds

Imagine as you drive through the entrance gates at Camp Outdoors INN, being instantly transported from the Sonoran Desert to a Northern Arizona forest.  As you drive down the one mile trail to reach Camp Outdoors INN, you will be driving through 25 acres of forest consisting of over 500 pine trees ranging from 12' to 30' feet tall.  The familiar scent of pine trees and campfires will greet you. You will hear sounds of bubbling brooks meandering through the forest and flowing into our 6 acre recreational lake. At the lake, you can rent paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats for hours of aquatic fun. That  is what's outside.  What's inside will be like nothing ever imagine or built in America.

Inside the Camp

Camp Outdoors INN is 160,000 sq. ft. building designed to look like a Camping Lodge. Camp Outdoors INN will be the first fully functional Indoor Camp in the country. You will be astonished at how we have brought all the outdoors elements indoors.  For campers, Camp Outdoors INN will provide 25 fully functional cabins that can accommodate as few as 2  and as many as 16 campers in each cabin. Camp Outdoors INN activities will include; Swimming, Fishing, Kayaking, Boulder Climbing, a Water Slide, Mineral Mining, Gold Panning, Hiking, a 205' Zip Line, A Two Story Rope Course, a Low Rope Course, Basketball, Volleyball and real Indoor Camp Fires. Camp Outdoors INN will also include a General Store, a Camp Kitchen ( Camp Outdoors INN will be the first camp in Arizona to employ an Executive Chef) , a dinning patio that will accommodate up to 250 campers at a time, and over 13,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Inside the  camp, you will find more than 350 trees ranging from 8' to 30' tall. You can see streams running through the camp and flowing into the kayak river. A 50' high mountain, running 240' long and over 100' wide, will traverse the center of the facility. Multiple cascading waterfalls, ranging from 4-40' high, will drop down the mountainside into ponds and lakes. A concert quality stage can be viewed from the mountainside amphitheater. Archers can practice their skills at the archery range tucked inside of the mountain. Other amenities include star gazing at night and the sound of birds chirping and crickets humming. With all the benefits, and none of the undesirable aspects of traditional camps (bug and wildlife attacks), Camp Outdoors INN has raised the bar to create a unique indoor camping experience for campers of all ages.